Whether you are buying a vacation home, acquiring property as an investment, or a combination of both, numerous steps have to be considered before you can officially call the new property your own. Let our team of experts help you through the technical, legal, and decision-making process to quickly and efficiently take you from start to finish.

South Florida is one of the prime real estate investment markets in the United States. With endless beaches and year round sunshine this area not only attracts millions of tourists, but also offers a multitude of economic, social, and cultural incentives; all conditions that create a fast-paced, booming market year-round. Our team stands ready to assist you with their wealth of expertise and professionalism.

Our comprehensive buyer service carefully evaluates the following criteria:

  • We will diligently consider your investment needs, criteria, and personal “wish list” and educate you on the current real estate market condition as well as on the buying process here in South Florida. We will make suggestions that are tailored to your individual needs and desired outcome.
  • Once we focus on the properties that guarantee the highest success rate, we will personally show you each property and point out the specific neighborhood highlights.
  • After we identify the perfect property we will negotiate the best sale terms for you, draft and revise your contract and put you in touch with all of the specialists you will need, such as title agents, lawyers, home inspectors, and homeowner insurance companies.
  • Your offer has been accepted. Now is the time to bring all involved parties to the table. As we bring your sale towards closing, effective communication is crucial in keeping due dates and staying within the timeframe of your closing schedule. We will effectively communicate with the seller agent, title agent, home inspector, lender, tax attorney, accountants, and condominium association.
  • Whether you choose to be present at your closing day or complete the transaction from afar, we will successfully advise and guide you through the entire closing procedure.